“If you listen to fools – the mob rules!” – Ronnie James Dio

As hate and intolerance is on the rise worldwide – we, the musicians – want to make a stand. There never was and never will be room for racism or fascism in our minds, hearts and music. Racism is not an opinion, it is not the freedom of speech, it is not a basic right. We have zero tolerance for intolerance. We create to connect people and nothing justifies to seperate or divide them. Our message is loud and it is clear – hate will not prevail! We are metalheads – and we RIFF FOR TOLERANCE!

To all the bands and fans out there – feel free to copy this text, make your own picture and let the world notice that we care. Let the feedback from our amps ring around the world and silence the angry mobs. Together – we make a difference! ‪#‎riffingfortolerance‬

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