*** “The Cannibal Instinct” OUT NOW ***

It is time: We are proud and very excited to unveal our forth full-length album to you today. We worked long and hard on this album an we are sure, that this will be the basis for all the things Bloodspot will shape out in the future. It was and still is a very intense journey to us. A journey that goes deeper as everything you met before on the way that is BLOODSPOT.

After suffering a setback and a lineup change once more, we found together as a band again and discovered parts of ourselves, that
where hidden in BLOODSPOT for a very long time. The outspoken way to break new ground made it possible to create a vision that unites raw street brutality, melancholy escapism, bone-crushing heavyness and even a little vampire-romanticism to an overall picture. All those aspects are running like a red threat through all 11 tracks, with different degrees. Each song tells its own story and at the same time all those single elements combine to a big pulsating organism.

“The Cannibal Instinct” is a perfect represantation of our current identity as a band. It is a very emotional and sensitive album with a lot of loving attention to detail, which despite all anger, sadness and heaviness carries also hope within.
We hope, that “The Cannibal Instinct”can be a good companion for you during those crazy times, who will bring us all together when this haunting is over. We also hope to have a little celebration with you this evening, even though just online. We prepared two videos for you:

Release-Movie, starts at 19:30: https://youtu.be/XSSPNSil_2o
Video “The Cannibal”, starts at 20:15: https://youtu.be/rvFjz6JuRhQ

“The Cannibal Instinct” until now is available as 8pages digipack:


Here is Petes’ Statement on the lyrics:
“A bedtime story about moving among wolves, without being caught. Without being recognized with all your vices and mistakes. You observe the herd in our headlights, lay sleepless and count the sheep, that will be sacrificed, to keep the progress going.
Not getting rid of the suspicion, that you have seen this before. And to know what to do.
Like people from old pictures, you only know from the tales, carrying a dark secret, despite their familiar appearance.”


„Potzblitz“ is the first song that was written for “The Cannibal Instinct”. It’s just a brutal punk-metal-track. Three chords, simple, fast and agressive with pissed off sociocritical lyrics. This song was build up pretty fast. The first state of it just needed a bit more thrashy riffing and some blacky evilness added to turn out as a really bad motherfucker. Don’t forget to add a little but heavy mosh-part and Potzblitz is ready to fuck up your neighbourhood.

Preorder our upcoming album “The Cannibal Instinct” here:

First single “Our Workers´Back” out NOW !!!

Almost exactly one year ago we started the recordings for our upcoming album “The Cannibal Instinct” and were just as tense as today. With shining hearts we can present you the first single “Our Workers´ Back”.

From today on you can pre-order “The Cannibal Instinct” here:

Also check out “Our Workers´ Back” on Spotify:

Finally the long wait is over. Our new album “The Cannibal Instinct” is set to be released on 12 March 2021 on Reaper Entertainment Europe.

This album is the beginning of a new chapter in the world of BLOODSPOT. Familiar elements are expanded into the unknown and give birth to the darkest and most diverse songs in the band’s history.

In our modern world, there’s still a big imbalance. While prosperity and peace, poverty and war take place at the same time, global exploitation is moving forward.
Although we all know what ought to be done, we find ourselves involved in destruction. Even if we decide never to give up, being aware can bring sadness and pain. The Cannibal Instinct hides in everyone of us.

Once again, the artwork was handled by the band’s own Peter Kunz (Vocals) –> Rough Shot Productions

01. The Testament
02. Our Workers´ Back
03. Potzblitz
04. The Cannibal
05. The Cure
06. The Flood
07. Vielfrass
08. Death by Dinosaur
09. Ain´t no Gallows high enough
10. I beg to differ
11. Deadline Story

Support needed!

Our homebase named Kalkwerk needs your support! Because of Corona, we are not able to do our festival this year. Tis is a deep cut into the culttural work which comes to life at this beautiful area.

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Much love to everyone! ❤️